XX years after the War. Leningrad Museum of everyday culture 1945-1965 years

We welcome you to the website of the museum «XX years after the War. Leningrad Museum of everyday culture 1945-1965 years “. The museum is dedicated to everyday culture of our city in the early postwar decades.
Museum «XX years after the War” is located in the heart of the city – on Vasilyevsky Island, on the fifth floor of the house number 19 on the fourth line. Visit our museum, you will find yourself in the atmosphere of post-war Leningrad, feel the pulse of his life, will touch the things that filled the life of Leningrad.
The house in which the museum is located, is an architectural monument, a witness to the history of St. Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad XIX-XX centuries. The first three floors of the house were built in 1835. The fourth and fifth floors were overbuilt later: the facade decoration and interior is simpler and more concise than the first three floors, the upper floors of the apartment because almost immediately began utilities – a place of cohabitation of several families.
The house survived during the siege, and after the war it continued to live a few families. The apartment consists of 4 rooms. A long corridor led to the bathroom and shared kitchen. I lived a few people in each room, but these conditions have been good, because after the war, many of Leningrad lived in huts or in houses affected by shelling and fire.
The apartment has a communal until the fall of 2013. In August 2014 a private museum opened here.